German State Elections Point to Vulnerability for Angela Merkel

“BERLIN — The results of German state elections, in which an insurgent far-right party garnered up to 25 percent of the vote, have signaled a rare turn toward political vulnerability for Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as potential instability for her country and perhaps paralysis for Europe as a whole.

Whether Europeans like it or not, they have come to count on Ms. Merkel’s leadership through successive crises in the past decade. Ms. Merkel’s Germany has seemed impervious to the protest votes and economic woes engulfing much of the Continent.


The new party won ‘not just because of the vacuum on the right, but because they attracted voters who were anti-Establishment, anti-liberalization, anti-European, anti-everything that has come to be regarded as the norm,’ said Sylke Tempel of the German Council on Foreign Relations.”

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Source: New York Time

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